Capri Island Tour

The magic Island




Capri, with its cocktail of nature, art, culture and high society, has few equivalents in the world. The turquoise in the inlets, the white of the rocks in the blazing sun and the grey of the clifftops or the dense green of the Mediterranean maquis. Accessible only from the sea, the Blue Grotto, that together with the Faraglioni is the authentic trademark of Capri, owes its name to the remarkable play of colours that enchant the eyes of those who access it.

Do not miss a walk through the streets the most famous for shopping and a stop at one of the outdoor café in the “Piazzetta” of Capri, enjoying the island life.

What you see

While we circle the island, the crew will point out the highlights along the coast, including:

White Grotto

Blue Grotto

Punta Carena


What you get

Soft drinks and snacks

Snorkeling gear

Beach towels

Welcome drink

There is no better way to discover Capri than on board a private Yacht. Choose the one that suits you best…

Technema 70

Meters: 20

Pax: 10

Crew: 2

Azimut 62S

Meters: 20

Pax: 10

Crew: 2

Maori 50

Meters: 15

Pax: 10

Crew: 1

Itama 38

Meters: 11,80

Pax: 10

Crew: 1

Jeranto 32

Meters: 9

Pax: 8

Crew: 1

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